seriously awesome – NIN lights in the sky HD footage

Posted on January 8th, 2009 under Music by Wilson

NIN HD footage as torrent downloads. all the juicy details are here.
from the posting:
“There is about 405gb of HD footage available. It was recorded with multiple consumer HDV cameras during three shows: Victoria 12.05.08, Portland 12.07.08, and Sacramento 12.12.08.
This is raw, unedited, un-color-corrected HD footage.”

i haven’t seen it yet, i have no idea what it looks, sounds and feels like. i don’t know anything about video editing. but as soon as i’ve freed up some disk space, i’ll start the downloads and take a look. even if it’s only for some hardcore amateurish fiddling around.

and i can’t wait to see what other, more knowledgable people will do with this.

very, very cool.

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