so much star wars, so little time …

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i should waste more time scouring the web for star wars videos. this one is ancient by internet time standards, but i just stumbled across it.
oh, the things i’m missing ;)

seriously awesome – NIN lights in the sky HD footage

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NIN HD footage as torrent downloads. all the juicy details are here.
from the posting:
“There is about 405gb of HD footage available. It was recorded with multiple consumer HDV cameras during three shows: Victoria 12.05.08, Portland 12.07.08, and Sacramento 12.12.08.
This is raw, unedited, un-color-corrected HD footage.”

i haven’t seen it yet, i have no idea what it looks, sounds and feels like. i don’t know anything about video editing. but as soon as i’ve freed up some disk space, i’ll start the downloads and take a look. even if it’s only for some hardcore amateurish fiddling around.

and i can’t wait to see what other, more knowledgable people will do with this.

very, very cool.

/me wants …

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this carpet. i just think i don’t have the space …

more must-have products here:oooms

grow a beard

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why you should grow a giant beard

no more lonely zombies …

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Fallout 3
“Please date responsibly: bring a baseball bat or crowbar.” … go look

one more thing …

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did i mention Top Gear is back on the telly? Yay for the crazy british petrolheads!


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Fallout 3no words for the interweb. i’m caught up travelling the wastelands of DC after leaving vault 101.


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… may be the wrong question. a dog conversion kit … can someone enlighten me as to why this kit is illegal in California, New Mexico and part of Maine? “part of Maine”?
Once you start you can’t stop …
remote-controlled lederhosen?


Lamborghini DIY

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this is a whole new world of do-it-yourselfness:
handmade lambo

Maschinenfest 2008: been there, done that – again

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Maschinenfest 2k8 has come and gone – and even with four days it’s been over way too soon. got a first batch of pictures online now, head over to for a look or take a look at the shoutbox at the MF website for more links.