another one

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“watch these kids. evolution at work in real time.”

(found on digg commenting on this)

will the LHC destroy the world?

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film at 11.

meanwhile, in another universe you are looking at these links:

there’s people at the LHC who know stuff

please, take a seat and watch what’s happening


random quote

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There are no stupid questions, just a lot of inquisitive idiots.

(found on the plexapp forums)

p.s. if you are looking for a media center and own an intel mac, go and check out plex – it’s the mac os port of the xbox media center (xbmc) – and it rocks. i’ve been using it almost since they started the port and i’m loving it. my old xbox I has been officially retired and my macbook is spending a lot of time in the corner running plex.

custom electronic instruments

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this is definitely weird … and cool

Furby Gurdy v2

(more, more)

shakespeare knew about the internet …

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surely, this is old news and if i could be bothered with a trip over to Google, i’m sure i’d find tons of entries. nevertheless, i capture this moment in time and add to the list.

“I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it” from “As you like it” is the perfect picture of the delicate relationship between yours truly and the internet.

compulsory posting

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i have nothing to say, no new randomness (well, actually not a day goes by without stumbling across some – thank ye, gods of the internet), it’s just that today is another of those dates … i should wait until eight-oh-eight-pm, but then i might just forget.

(for those non-european readers: today’s date reads 20.08.2008 here in the old world)

shopping = hostage rescue

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sometimes, talking to friends can end in short but nevertheless self-explaining images … like today, when i got around to talking shopping with a friend (who shares the predicament of having to find pure, simple black clothing and isn’t much into the classic saturday shopping expeditions) and he lightly dropped the sentence “for me shopping is more like a hostage rescue kind of situation – enter, secure the precious cargo, exfil.”

three simple steps and it’s done.


shopping for new t-shirts?

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if you are a movie aficionado, this site might be for you – it certainly is for me:

last exit to nowhere

share one with a friend …

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suuuweeeet – black q-tips

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/me wants those

black q-tips