What an unbelievable amount of traffic

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The Essentials: the webserver of the city of Dortmund couldn’t handle the massive traffic of 70.125 hits in the first week of July. Increase in traffic is caused by the Loveparade taking place in Dortmund this year, thus sparking a bit of interest in the web special they are hosting on their server.

You’ve got to savour this, every single word …

70.125 hits in one week.

that’s about 10.018 a day.

417 in an hour.

About 7 per minute.


visualize whirled peas

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… think along those lines

words do fail me

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hot chick and coffins

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looking for new furniture? look no further:

coffin couches

Maschinenfest 2008

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another year, another Maschinenfest – 2008 is the 10-year-anniversary, four days instead of the usual three. this is going to be a treat – again. four days of noisy, industrial music. boy am i looking forward to it.

for more information, visit the Maschinenfest website.

(pics from last year – right this way, please)

Hello world!

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houston, we have lift-off.