adsense randomness

Posted on February 10th, 2009 under Random Weirdness by Wilson

just happened to look at the google ads showing here … i added some adsense a few weeks ago, mainly because i’ve been stuck with adsense integration at work and wanted to play a bit. interesting ads they show based on the randomness of my posts.

for you legions of adblock-running visitors here’s the titles of the current ads:

  1. HD endoscopy
  2. see sexy singles
  3. fallout 2
  4. fallout 3 – game
  5. stock video at

it kind of reminds me of the amazon recommendations i get, based on a unique mixture of things i’m actually interested in, random articles friends send me (most along the lines of “holy shit, you’ll never guess what i found on amazon”), stuff i look up for giving away to friend/family/<insert-random-interest-group-here> and some strange interpolations amazon comes up with.

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