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Snow Leopard Finder Error -36

Posted on November 8th, 2009 under IT by

since getting my mac mini with Snow Leopard, i’ve been having problems (like so many others) with accessing CIFS shares from my OpenSolaris server. Access to mounted shares worked from the terminal and from within applications, but accessing the share via the finder gave the message “The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data inĀ filename can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)”.

Turns out, it wasn’t a Snow Leopard problem (or not exclusively a Snow Leopard problem). After various searches and some fiddling, I finally came across Jeremy Beker’s posting, who had the same problem and fixed it (more or less by accident) by upgrading OpenSolaris.

So, upgrading OpenSolaris 2008.11 to 2009.06 is what I also tried and now I am back to having CIFS mounts on Snow Leopard.

Life’s good.