The DarkBook Theme

this is the main page for the darkbook theme currently in use on this blog.

darkbook screenshotwhen i started playing around with wordpress out of curiosity, i started with the hemingway theme. clean, simple and it resembles a page i designed some time ago.

unfortunately, i couldn’t find a widgetized variation of hemingway that i liked – it either required serious changes to the whole theme or had some layout changes that i didn’t like or … insertrandomreasonhere

after the release of wordpress 2.7 i started looking around for themes once again and came across the crybook theme. nice, but the colors where just too bright for me. so i started customizing the theme into the darkbook theme  you are currently seeing.

the original crybook theme is designed by kai loon and crynobone and can be found at

changes i’ve made to the original theme so far:

  • created my own color set
  • adjusted some of the main style settings (width, spacing and the like)
  • removed the color style switcher
  • changed the header navigation to include a css dropdown menu

i’ll try to keep up with any changes made to the original theme and publish updated versions of the darkbook here.

the theme is currently rather untested, it works for me in firefox 3 and safari 3. consider it a work in progress.

if you come across any bugs, let me know.